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Simple Chicken Nuggets for your Pooch!

1. What you need...

My dogs love these small chicken nuggets, they are tasty, healthy and super easy to make! This recipe makes around 12 nuggets. You can also add or change the vegs in this recipe to suit your puppy's preference, some other dog-friendly vegs or fruits include: apples, blueberries, sweet potatoes or pumpkins! 

2. Chop & Mix

Finely chop the carrots, celeries and chicken breast. When the chicken is so finely chopped that it has a sticky, gluey texture, add the plain flour and egg white to it and mix thoroughly. Add the carrots and celeries, mix thoroughly. 

3. Shape & Bake

Line your oven tray with aluminium foil. Scoop from the mixture and shape your nuggets with a spoon, you can adjust to any size and shape! Bake the nuggets for about 15 - 20 minutes or until they turn golden (actual time depending on the type of oven you use). 

4. Enjoy!

Remember to let the nuggets cool down before treating your dog, but if you want some yourself, they do taste very delicious fresh out from the oven ;). These nuggets are perfect for dogs pawty and gatherings, store in your fridge to keep them fresh and consume within 5 days (but we are sure they will be gone before then!)  




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Posted on March 31 2015

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