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PART I - Is Your Flat-nose Dog Ready for Summer?

While flat-nose dogs like the French bulldogs are very unique and lovable, that cute look comes at a cost. The shortened nose and unique head shape of this breed result in breathing difficulties for some. Warm-weather conditions that may post only moderate discomfort for a long nose breed could prove to be difficult for a Frenchie. This is why we need to be aware of the climatic needs of them!

In general, heatstroke happens when a dog is unable to regulate his body temperature well. Unlike us, dogs do not sweat – their body temperature is regulated by respiration methods like panting. When the breathing fails to clear heat quickly, a heatstroke may take place.

So how do we keep our dogs happy and safe in the summer? Of course, you need to make sure your pooch has enough drinking water and a breezy place to rest – but what else can we do?

To prevent overheating during the hot summer months, get your pooch to wear a COOL-MAX tank to help dissipate heat. These apparel are made from highly breathable material made in Japan. When the clothing is damp, water will flow onto the dog’s skin – the water will then conduct heat away from their bodies making the perceived temperature to be cooler (it will also take more of the dog’s heat energy away – but I think you get the point already!)

Our Japanese designer Bulldoss has created a collection of adorable and stylish COOL-MAX apparels that have the cooling effect we mentioned above! Remember, in order to keep the cooling effect – COOL-MAX tee must be kept damp by spraying water onto it. It has been reported that rapid cooling down of the dog’s body temperature can be very dangerous, therefore, using wet cloth to cool down is a much safer method. It’s always a bonus to wear something that has such a practical use, yet look so adorable!! Happy summer days and wishing all our doggie pals stay cool this summer!

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Posted on May 20 2015

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