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Part II – Is Your Flat-nose Dog Ready for Summer?

What if I don’t want my dog to wear a damp tee? Or what if I need something that can last a little longer in the summer heat?

We have scoured everywhere for you and your pooch, introducing a line of “Cool Neck” crafted by Japanese designer B Design – it allows you to store icepacks in three separate compartments to help your dog cool off under the blazing sun. Cool Necks come in 7 different styles to fit every lifestyle; be fun and bold with the contrast polka series or be elegant with the floral print!

So how does it work? Cool air sinks (when you wear the Cool Neck, the cold air from it will sink to the lower body of the dog), and because dogs cool from bottom up, it will help keep your dog from overheating.

Cool Neck is convenient and easy to use. Simply freeze the jelly packs and when you are ready for your summer walk – insert the ice packs into the inner compartment of the Cool Neck and you’re ready to go! Don’t worry; the ice pack will not be in direct contact with the coat of your dog. It is safely fastened with a Velcro closure so that you wont have to worry about a thing when you are enjoying your time with your furry pal!

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Posted on June 04 2015

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