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PAP Gets A Makeover!

To celebrate our FIRST anniversary, our team has revamped PAP for a brand new look - a new logo, added functionalities and most important of all, we have optimised our mobile site - these changes will give you a fresh and more user-friendly shopping experience. So what have we changed exactly? Let us walk you through all the changes starting with our new logo!



When we launched, we brought you a curation of pet apparels and accessories from across the globe. This fall, we are so proud to introduce OUR OWN LABEL - Gnocchi & Goma - named after the two beloved frenchies of our founder. The new logo is designed using their very own silhouettes and reflect who we are: modern, fun and frenchie-orientated!



1. New 'Quick View' function - Hover over product image for a quick view of the product without leaving the page you are browsing. 

2. 'Zoom' - Hover over product image on product page to see the details! 

3. New 'Pop-up' alert - Add any product to your shopping bag and a pop-up will tell you when your item is added successfully. 

4. New 'Shopping bag Preview' - You can now preview what's in your shopping bag without leaving the page you are browsing - just click the shopping bag icon on the top right of the page.





We get more traffic through mobiles than any other devices, so we have improved our mobile site. Now you can use the three icons located on top of the mobile site to sign in to your account, view your shopping bag and navigate the site with ease! 


It is also made easier to switch language and currency with the switcher located above the logo - you can now view the mobile site in either English or Traditional Chinese and select from 5 different currencies - that's shopping made easy!


The new pop-up alert when you have successfully added an item to your shopping is also enabled on the mobile site - so you can stay on the page you are browsing when you close the pop-up. 



SHOP NOW and experience all our new features - don't forget to let us know what you think of the new site by commenting below!

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Posted on October 08 2015

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