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Our Story

Welcome to Pet-A-Pawter, the one-stop fashion destination for discerning dogs and dog lovers.

Your dog is smart and a million dollars – wouldn’t it be nice to look it too? Whether you’re a seasoned stylist for your dog or you’re just embarking on the world of fashion with your furry friend, we’ve got something that will make him/her all dapper and chic.

And while we can’t spruce you up as well, we won’t stress you out either. We founded Pet-A-Pawter precisely because we realise how sorely lacking pet-apparel shopping is, especially for those of us in the Asia-Pacific region.

Perhaps, like us, you’ve had a hard time looking for quality dog clothes that aren’t just fun costumes, or you’re tired of being presented with page after page of similar products without the tips and pointers that will actually help you make a choice. Why shouldn’t shopping for your dog be as simple and enjoyable as shopping for yourself, and wouldn’t it be nice if you could accomplish that in a single place? We certainly think so, and we hope that with Pet-A-Pawter, we’ve not only solved our problems, but yours as well.


The Pet-A-Pawter Shopping Experience

  • Fashionable and functional clothing and accessories hand-picked by a dog-loving team. We’ve done the pre-shopping and scoured everywhere – puppy in tow! – to bring you a curated selection of premier brands and their best items from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan and more.
  • Tips, styles and recommendations, from one dog owner to another. We consult with our dog-loving friends and customers as much as we turn to our resident style editor so that you’ll know what to keep in mind and how to stay in vogue. Let our collective wisdom keep you informed and inspired, with more time to spare for you and your four-legged friend.
  • Clear product and sizing information, complete with the most adorable photos. Tired of seeing standalone product shots and guessing how the sizing works? We’ve been there before. That’s why we’ve made sure that you’ll see all our items on our gorgeous dog models (including our very own Gnocchi).
  • Fast delivery with competitive shipping rates, worldwide. We don’t believe in “spend more, pay more for shipping”, nor do we think you should wait for weeks to get your hands (and paws) on your latest purchase. Take a look at our shipping options and see what works best for your location.
  • Treats for you as well. Enjoy your purchase packaged as a gift. You deserve it for all the love and care you give your canine companion.

Our Founders


Founder and proud human to a French bulldog, Gnocchi. With an art background, years of customer-focused work as well as first-hand frustration shopping for high-quality dog apparel, Daniella has the taste and knowledge to make Pet-A-Pawter a thoroughly enjoyable experience for fellow dog owners.


Friendly, fun-loving French bulldog with a love for fruits and a talent for modelling. Everyone adores Gnocchi in her Mutts & Hounds Union Jack harness, and she isn’t afraid of letting her individual taste be known – by biting whatever she doesn’t like!


Health and fitness expert, keen on showing you how dogs and humans can help each other be happy and healthy. Lona doesn’t just offer tips and pointers on caring for your pet in every aspect; she also takes the best photos, as Gnocchi can attest.


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